Rehabilitative Body Work.

My approach.


Thank you for giving my life back. As a 66-year-old and avid adventure sports enthusiast, I have acquired some injuries and wear and tear in my joints, muscles and bones. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year and it was recommended that I have both my shoulders replaced. In lieu of surgery I had several treatments with Lisa. She worked on breaking down scar tissue and releasing the effects of years of pain, restricted use and calcification of my joints. The effects of Lisa’s treatments resulted in increased mobility, reduction of scar tissue, dramatic weight loss and reduced aches and pains. I am so happy to have my life back. I’ve lost over 40 pounds, I can use my shoulders again and I have started skiing and hiking again. Thank you, Lisa.

— John, Bend, OR


30-120 minute sessions.

$45/30 min

$85/60 min

$105-75 min

$130/90 min

$160/120 min

We accept insurance. Please mention you have
insurance when making your appointment. Thank you.

Injury recovery.

Extensive treatment for injuries.

I was referred to Lisa regarding my lower back injury. Lisa's expertise in deep tissue massage over time has eliminated my back pain. Follow-up sessions have improved my posture,flexibility and helped me maintain my lifestyle of physical work and outdoor activities. As a 71 year-old female, I appreciate her successful efforts.

—Sharon, Sunriver