Rehabilitative Body Work.


From Surgery & Injuries.

My shoulder had become virtually immobile due to injury and over-protection. It hurt to move and I was fearful of manipulation. Lisa put me at ease and was very careful to proceed at a pace that was comfortable for me psychologically. Moreover, what she did, worked: I arrived looking like Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame; and today am quite symmetrical. Lisa's knowledge of anatomy, pleasant manner and understanding of what to do gave me a pain-free and mobile shoulder again.

Steve - Bend, OR


Increase flexibility & boost overall body health.

I was fortunate to find Lisa 3 years ago. Her massages are like none that I have ever experienced. Her technical skills show a very broad knowledge of body mechanics and an amazing instinct seeking out and relieving what needs attention. Her kind demeanor and compassion immediately puts you at ease making the experience rewarding and therapeutic. I always find myself in 'La La Land' when I walk out the door. I have tweaked my body many times over the years and know that Lisa will be there for maintenance therapy or to correct what ever needs to be treated at the time.

Mike - Bend, OR

Healing Care.

For holistic health.

Lisa always seems to know which part of my body needs work. I never need to tell her where I have knots or tightness. Somehow she finds those spots and spends extra time working them out. She also mixes it up a fair amount and it always seems to be what my body needed. I asked her about this one time and she said she doesn't usually have a plan with me, she just tries to be intuitive and go by feel. I've had a number of injuries and she always spends extra time working in those areas if I need it. Lisa obviously enjoys what she does and it shows. Its really a great experience getting a massage from someone who knows what they are doing and enjoys doing it.

Taylor - Bend, OR

Lisa Harper.

Changing lives through wellness.

Lisa, a resident of Bend for over 20 years, is a licensed massage therapist with a B.S. in biology/pre-physical therapy from Washington State University. She also attended Yakima Valley Community College where she earned an Associated of Arts in radiologic technology. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Lisa was a registered radiologic technologist (RT) for 17 years. During her last 7 years as an R.T., she was trained as a medical assistant where she assisted internists and doctors of osteopathic medicine. Lisa later studied massage therapy at Sage School of Massage and earned her license in 2009.

From a young age, Lisa had a keen interest in the mechanics of the body. She began her athletic career in middle school which fueled her inspiration to later become a personal trainer. Today, Lisa is an avid runner, weight trainer and loves to be on her bike.

Lisa’s passion for health, wellness and nutrition combined with genuine caring for others led naturally to her career path as a therapist. As a facilitator in the healing process, she finds great reward in helping her clients learn how they can make profound changes in their bodies and lives.